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About us
EQL Apparel was founded with the aim of delivering a high-quality activewear brand at affordable prices for consumers in Vietnam. Moreover, we aspire to build a brand that ignites passion and empowers women with a message of equality: 'There's nothing men can do that we, women, can't do!'

Our mission
To fuel and empower women, helping them feel strong and confident on their journey to fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

Our vision
To develop an activewear brand that enables women to confidently shine and take charge of their world.

đồ tập gym nữ cao cấp, set Bold
đồ tập gym nữ cao cấp, set Twist màu đỏ
đồ tập gym nữ cao cấp chất lượng cao, hãng EQL Apparel

At EQL Apparel,
every product is meticulously crafted and produced, from design and material selection to cutting, sewing, and assembly, with the intention of delivering our most heartfelt products to our customers. With our team of professional designers, skilled tailors, and dedicated customer care personnel, EQL Apparel is confident in satisfying all our female customers.

With EQL Apparel,
we devote our full attention to our female customers. We strive to create the best products that make women feel comfortable and confident when wearing them. But it doesn't stop there—EQL Apparel also aims to bring a sense of inspiration and spiritual value to you when using our products. We are confident that you will always feel the fiery passion transmitted through EQL Apparel's outfits, enabling you to love yourself and embrace life even more!