Exchange Information

Exchange Policy

  • Apply 01 exchange/ 01 order
  • Cases of manufacturer defects include: Material defects, seam defects, ... not in accordance with product descriptions and standards, please contact EQL via email or message via EQL's Official Facebook or Instagram with photos and videos within 24 hours from the time you receive the goods, for support for product exchange.
  • The product has its original stamp, label from the company and has not been used, not dirty, scratched or has any damage from the buyer.
  • Not applicable to freesize products and products in promotions and discounts.
  • For other products, you can change the size of the same item within 7 days of receipt. You are responsible for an exchange fee (2-way courier charge). 

Product Exchange Conditions

  • Exchange within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods (EQL receives the returned product within 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods by the customer, based on the date the delivery unit confirms delivery).
  • All exchanged products must fully meet the conditions stated in the applicable policy (see above). 

How to exchange products?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Email us at or text EQL's Official Facebook/Instagram page to provide the order number and product information to be exchanged. EQL will check the current inventory of item(s) wished to be exchanged and notify the customer.
  2. Take front & back photos of product and kindly send to our customer service team for review.
  3. Please pack the goods to be exchanged carefully in a plastic bag, wrapped with tape to avoid loss and loss of goods.
  4. EQL will deliver the new product to you. Upon receiving the package, please directly settle the shipping fee with the delivery personnel. Additionally, kindly return the exchanged item(s) to the delivery personnel for them to process the return to EQL.

  • If the customer does not choose the product to be exchanged within 7 days from the date of request, EQL will cancel with no refund.
  • If you are a suburban customer, please include your bill of lading code and carrier so we can track your order as best we can.
    All exchanged goods remain the responsibility of the customer until we receive them. EQL does not accept any responsibility for lost products and reserves the right to refuse a refund in case the product is lost. If you have any questions about exchanging or returning goods, please contact us at